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Why it’s so Important to Keep your Cats away from your Stash

We’ve all seen them. The cute images of kittens playing with balls of yarn. They’re practically cliche, right?

I’ve even laughed about our cats and how they would carry ‘yarn-babies’ around the house or present you with a ball of yarn as if they had been hunting in the wild. But please, take it from me, you should NEVER let your cats play with your yarn.

Just two weeks ago, our sweet boy Radar became unwell. It seemed that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have. The vet suspected some sort of bowel obstruction, but its exact cause and location was unclear. After several x-rays and an ultrasound, he was able to see the blockage. The horrible thing was that he confirmed that the obstruction had been caused by some yarn. My yarn. But by the time it was discovered, it had perforated Radar’s bowel. Our little boy did not come home.

To say we are all heartbroken is an understatement. To say I feel guilty for not knowing how dangerous it was, possibly even more so. Had I known that a piece of yarn could be fatal to a cat, I never would have let our cats near my stash.

Please don’t be complacent. Just because you’ve never seen your cats eat yarn, doesn’t mean they never will. I’ve had yarn in the house for as long as we’ve had cats – it wasn’t like Radar was suddenly exposed to a new and exciting toy all of a sudden. It was something that he did out of the blue, and now he’s gone.

I’m so sorry this is not a happy post. But I would hate to think that another maker lost their beloved pet because they weren’t aware of the dangers. Please don’t learn the hard way like we did.

Give your kitties a cuddle from me.



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