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Got leftovers?

Yep, we all have them. Precious little remnants from projects long finished. Too small to make anything subtantial in size, but far too pretty to dispose of.

Now, I love and respect the granny square as much as the next crocheter, but not every situation calls for a multi-coloured square. So, what can you do with all those little bits and pieces?

I have a few suggestions for you:

Korallion (pictured above) – You might not be aware that the Korallion shawl design can also be made into a chic little neckwarmer. This version uses just under 150m of fingering weight yarn (about 35g). Not bad for leftovers-size, eh?

OTT – This simple little hat design is great for small amounts of yarn. You can stripe it, use a small amount as a contrast hat band or choose a neutral main colour and alternate between it and pops of different contrast colours. The kids will love it. (Big kids too!)

Perenni This pretty little hat is great for using up small amounts of yarn. (The picture below shows a modified version of the design with more than one ‘flower’ round. The pattern explains how to do this variation.) The Floreal tank is also great for using up smaller amounts of yarn.

Eliza – This striped scarf could be easily adapted to using up scraps. Grab a main colour and alternate it with small amounts of contrast colour. The best part is that this design is worked in the round (creating a tube) so you don’t even have to weave in your ends, simply leave them on the inside.

Spotto and Morse

Again, some strategically placed spots and stripes can render leftovers into a wearable work of art.

These are just a few ideas from my design collection for using up small amounts of yarn. With a bit of searching, you will find countless clever colour-combo designs that will work. So next time you are lamenting your growing pile of leftovers, grab some co-ordinating colours, and hook yourself a colourful masterpiece.

Happy crocheting!



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