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Bribie is a breezy, floaty, fun skirt perfect for warm summer days. It’s totally seamless and constructed from the top-down to make customising a piece of cake. With a waistband casing for either a drawstring or elastic, this skirt will fit perfectly every time.

The rippled stitch design of Bribie, inspired by the ripples on the surface of water in the shallows on the beach, has been devised to showcase multicoloured yarns – particularly those with long runs of colour. The intertwining of stitches over multiple rows blends the colours together avoiding the solid blocks normally created by rows of taller crochet stitches. The effect can also be easily achieved by using solid colours worked in stripes. Have fun with colour and enjoy Bribie.

Bribie Island,21deg00’S 153deg07’E, 34 kilometres long and 8 kilometres at its widest, is the smallest and most northerly of three major sand islands forming the coastline sheltering the northern part of Moreton Bay, Queensland. The others are Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island. The ocean side of the island is somewhat sheltered from prevailing winds by Moreton Island and associated sand banks and has only a small surf break. The lee side is calm, with white sandy beaches in the south.

For an adult version of this skirt, see Sandstone Point

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