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Using Scrap Yarn as a Marker in Crochet

A video tutorial showing my favourite method of marking a position in crochet fabric. All you need is a bit of leftover yarn!

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Video Blog #8

‘Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!’

This episode I share my almost-ready-for-release design ‘Majura’, some tips on using variegated yarn with crochet and announce the winners of the Aussie Indie Dyer Minis giveaway.

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Which Stitch Markers?

Which type are the best for crochet? Well, it depends on what you want to use them for.

For holding your live loop to prevent unraveling on the rare occasion you are not crocheting; to mark the right- or wrong-side of your work; or to hold two pieces of crochet fabric together for seaming; I find the clip-on type the best. A similar version is the plastic safety-pin style clip you can find at most craft stores. The screw in types (pictured top left) will also work, but I find they can fall out a bit too easily.

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