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High-Quality Crochet Patterns That Empower You To Create Garments You’ll Love

Hi! I’m Deanne. Aussie, wife, mum, and the creative force behind Addydae Designs.

My mum taught me how to crochet when I was about 10 years old. At the time, it was a fleeting interest that didn’t last much beyond a granny-square blanket for one of my dolls. It wasn’t until the birth of my niece about 20 years later that I rediscovered my love for crochet. And wow, did I make up for lost time! It was like a creative flame that I didn’t even know existed had been ignited and began a burning passion for everything crochet.

It wasn’t long before I decided to take the leap into designing and writing my own patterns. Addydae Designs came to be and I have been happily publishing my own designs since 2010. You will rarely find me without a crochet hook in my hand – just ask my family! But if you do, I’ll likely be enjoying one of the many mountain biking trails around Canberra, where I live.

My goal is to bring crochet out of the shadow of it’s knitted cousin to share its place in the world of contemporary handmade.

I like to pair traditional crochet with modern construction techniques to create designs with a sophisticated edge. And the great thing is that contemporary doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. My design aesthetic extends beyond the appearance of the finished object and takes into consideration the enjoyment of the process as well. In short, I want you to enjoy what you’re making, while you are making it, not just once you have a finished product.

My crochet designs are virtually, if not completely seamless, and most are easily customised for the perfect fit. I love using a variety of fibres and combining colours to create beautiful, practical and interesting pieces. Despite starting out with crochet designs for little girls, Addydae Designs has expanded to include blankets, shawls, socks, accessories and garments for adults. And with my ever-growing library of designs, you’ll never be short of inspiration for your next project!

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Happy crocheting,



Contemporary crochet designs with a focus on detail so that you can create beautiful pieces with confidence.

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