As promised on Episode 16 of my podcast, here are the instructions for creating a simple dishcloth.

Yarn: I used worsted weight/10ply 100% cotton but you can use any weight of yarn you prefer. (I have made dishcloths using two strands of DK/8ply cotton held together and with a slightly bigger hook and these work really well too.)

Hook: 5.5mm or hook to suit your chosen yarn weight.

Tension/Gauge: Not critical. I don’t like my dishcloths to be too stiff, so I used a biggish hook. Really, it’s up to you depending on how you prefer your fabric.


ch = chain

prev = previous

sc = single crochet (UK: double crochet)

sp = space

st = stitch

Instructions (Standard US terminology):


Row 1:  Ch3, sc in third chain from hook. TURN.

Row 2:  Ch1, sc in first st (the sc from Row 1), ch1, sc in next ch loop, ch1, sc in next ch loop. TURN.


Row 3:  Ch1, sc in last sc of prev row, ch1, [sc, ch1] in each ch sp across row, sc in last sc of prev row. TURN.

Repeat Row 3 till the side edges of your Dishmaid reach your desired length.


Row 4:  Ch1, sc in ch sp, [ch1, sc] in next and each ch sp across row. TURN.

Repeat Row 4 till your row consists of 3 sc separated by a ch space.


Ch1, 1sc in each ch space. Fasten off and weave in ends.




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